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Monitor course.

Become part of our job bank. From February 10 to 12, 2023

The instructor course at Las Nogueras Escuela de Naturaleza is a weekend-long internal training in which we offer all the necessary knowledge to work in our facilities.

The monitor will acquire a pedagogical training through different group dynamics, multi-adventure activities, workshops and games that we will later carry out in our environment, in nature, as well as in the different outings, excursions or study trips, for people from childhood ages, adolescents, to young people and adults.

Our commitment as a nature school is to provide an environmental education to our visitors, so in the course, we will also influence respect and conservation of the environment, rural tourism and learning an ecological, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. .

This course is aimed at education professionals, such as early childhood, primary or secondary education teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, socio-cultural animators, sports coaches, among others...

All the information and registrations open by sending an email to or by calling 915730565.


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